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9th FIP Polo World Cup 2011
Estancia Grande Polo Club, San Luis, Argentina, October 10 - 21, 2011




Oct 12, 2011
India defeated Mexico 11-9 in a close game on day 3 of the FIP Polo World Cup 2011 being played in San Luis, Argentina.

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India beat 2008 FIP World Cup bronze medallists Mexico 11-9 to register their first victory in the league match of 2011 World Cup final . Incidentally this is the first win for India in any FIP World Cup finals since it was instituted in 1982 . The only other win for India was in 1996 World Cup final against Switzerland which had qualified for the World Cup final not on merit but as the host country. India had lost all its three games in the 2001 World Cup finals in Australia.

The weather forecast for the day had predicted rain and thundershowers which came true, it was raining since the morning with temperature around 12 degrees when the game started it was windy and cold.

The Mexican team started strong winning the throw in at the start of the match and put pressure on the Indian side in the opening minutes of the game , they were quick to get two quick goals in the first five minutes through Valerio Aguilar to make the score board read 2-0 in favour of Mexico. Vishal Chauhan was quick in attack to take on a pass from Tarun Sirohi and run to goal but he was fouled in the danger area resulting in a 40 yard penalty which was taken and Scored by Samir Suhag to make the score 2-1 at end of chukker one for Mexico.

The Mexican team came out on their better horses in the second chukker playing hard aggressive polo and putting pressure on the Indians they were successful in getting two quick field goals in the beginning of the chukker to make it 4-1 , the Indian side got a field goal scored by Vishal Chauhan on a Tarun Sirohi promotion but a penalty awarded to Mexico soon thereafter which was converted by Valerio Aguilar to make the score 5-2 for Mexico. Ravi Rathore picked up a loose goal and made a solo run to goal where he was fouled at the goal mouth and penalty was awarded for India which Samir converted.

The third Chukker saw some fast polo action , both teams were adequately warmed up in the chilling 10 to 12 degrees windy day and Mexicans put a lot of pressure on the Indian Back Tarun Sirohi but could not get past, Tarun made some brilliant saves for India finding form with his long back hand shots.. Samir Suhag played a stellar role as a pivot hitting long passes for the forwards Ravi and Vishal who were both sharp and in good nick, the pressure on Mexico by both these Indian forwards pushed them to make mistakes and commit fouls which were all brilliantly converted by Samir Suhag in the penalties awarded to India. The score line read 5-6 for Mexico at end of chukker 3.

Mexican player had a fall at the beginning of the fourth chukker when he was ridden off hard by Indian No 1 Ravi Rathore. Samir Suhag kept the pressure on with Tarun Closing the backdoor completely for the Mexicans in the fourth chukker , at the end of which the score was 6-6 for India, we scored through penalty converted by Samir Suhag.

Tarun Sirohi made a solo run to goal from a throw in at the beginning of Chukker 5 but was unlucky not to get a goal as the ball got deflected and went out after hitting opponents pony, the forwards Ravi and Vishal kept attacking the mexican goal getting three penalties all three were converted by Samir to make the score 9-7 at end of Chukker 5.

The last chukker saw the Mexicans play their best mounting attacks on the Indian Goals but the Indian back Tarun Sirohi thwarted most of them, Samir Suhag playing a brilliant game earned two penalties both were converted by Samir Suhag to end the game 11-9 for India.

The first half of the match was dominated by Mexico and in the second half from fourth chukker onwards it kept getting better and better for India. India defeated by Mexico 11-9.

India: Ravi Rathore 3, Vishal Chauhan 2, Samir Suhag 5 (11 goals), Tarun Sirohi 3: 11
Mexico: Alejandro Gonzalez Keil 1, Pancho Aguilar 4 (2 goals), Valerio Aguilar 5 (3 goals), Alejandro Gomez de Parada 3 (4 goals):9

Chukker by Chukker, India: (2-3, 4-5, 5-6, 6-6, 9-7, 11-9).