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Zone D Playoffs in Malaysia

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9th FIP Polo World Cup 2011
Estancia Grande Polo Club, San Luis, Argentina, October 10 - 21, 2011




Oct 13, 2011
Undefeated England beat USA on day 4 of the FIP Polo World Cup 2011 being played in San Luis, Argentina.


It was an entertaining game and the lead kept changing over almost the entire match. The score was tied, they had to wait until the last chukker where England thanks to two goals from Ed Hitchman player number 4, claimed their second win of the tournament .

The scoring of the game was evenly spread. Team USA team made some changes. John Gobin changed his position of being number three went on to play four and Nick Snow played in position three. USA tried to hit long and seeked to take advantage with the speed of their horses. The first half ended 3-2 in favor of the United States.

In the second half, England's strategy was to wait till the right time to take charge and the game plan was led by two players, Max Richardson and Ed Hitchman, who carried the team well forward. In the fifth chukker the scores were matched on five goals apiece 5-5, so the excitement moved to the sixth and last period.

After 3 minutes of the sixth chukker England scored tipping the scales in their favor. USA tried with good push and offensive attempts, but when less than a minute remained England sealed the victory by scoring one more goal and took the match 7-5.

USA: Chris Collins 2, Mason Wroe 3 (1 goal), John Gobin 5 (1 goal), Nick Snow 4 (3 goals): 5
England: Nick Britten Long 2, Jack Richardson 3 (3 goals), Max Charlton 4 (2 goals), Ed Hitchman 5 (2 goals): 7

Chukker by chukker England: 1-1, 2-1, 2-3, 4-5, 5-5, 7-5