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Zone D Playoffs in Malaysia

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9th FIP Polo World Cup 2011
Estancia Grande Polo Club, San Luis, Argentina, October 10 - 21, 2011




Oct 15, 2011
Chile defeated USA 6-5 on day 6 of the FIP Polo World Cup 2011 being played in San Luis, Argentina.


The match was played between the two teams with neither of them revealing their strategies and tactics, and avoided committing fouls so as to give the opponebts a chance to score. The game was played on a defensive note and the first chukker ended nil-nil and from the second chukker goals began to fall, but in dribs and drabs. The second period ended 2-0 in favor of United States.

In the third chukker both the teams played hard and no goals were scored. Juan Sanchez performed for Chile while Mason Wroe excelled for USA. The first half ended with a 2-0 score in favor of the United States.

The halftime undoubtedly benefitted Chile who went out to play the second half with a different attitude and willing to twist the story. The four horsemen of Chileans were constantly encouraged by their supporters that were in the stands of the Estancia Grande Polo Club. They went on to lead 4-3 at the end of the 4th chukker. Vercellino Ignacio was in charge of scoring the goal that left his team as ahead for the first time in the whole game.

The last two chukkas were played fast throughout the length and breadth of the field by both teams, while Chile was increasingly firm and solid U.S. soon diminishing their performance. The match ended 6-5 in favor of Chile.


USA: Chris Collins 2, Mason Wroe 3, John Gobin 5 y Nick Snow 4. Total: 14.
Chile: Felipe Vercellino 2, Max Silva 2, Ignacio Vercellino 5, Juan Sanchez 5. Total: 14.

Chukker by chukker scores Chile: 0-0, 0-2, 0-2, 4-3, 6-3, 6-5