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9th FIP Polo World Cup 2011
Estancia Grande Polo Club, San Luis, Argentina, October 10 - 21, 2011




Oct 18, 2011
Argentina defeated India 14-9 to remain unbeaten on day 9 of the FIP Polo World Cup 2011 being played in San Luis, Argentina. They will play the winner of Brazil and England in the final.


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The Argentina team came out on top of Group A with four wins in as many games played. With todays win over India 14-9, the team led by Martin Zubia they advance to the final of the tournament, and will play the winner from the clash between Brazil and England on Wednesday Estancia Grande Polo Club.

The Argentine team knowing that they had reached the World Cup final, relaxed and lowered their level of play and tried to win from the first chukker. The game started with a goal down to India, and the first chukker ended in a 3-2 lead for India.

From the second chukker the match suffered a drop in intensity. The game became slow and interrupted by fouls which made the job of the 8 players in the field converting penalties. Argentina took the lead 5-3 and this leadership on the board continued until the end of the game.

In the third chukker Argentine players Alfredo Salvador and Jauretche Capella allowed the home side to stretch the score difference and end the first half 10-4. Something also to highlight is the good performance and the contribution of Martin Ichauspe who is is always talking and giving encouragement to the rest of the team.

In the second half of the game things would did not change much while and the final result would be 14-9 in favor of Argentina.


Argentina: Pablo Llorente 4, Alfredo Capella 4, Martin Inchauspe 5, Salvador Jauretche 1. Total: 14.
India: Ravi Rathore 3, Vishal Chauhan 2, Samir Suhag 5, Tarun Sirohi 3. Total: 13.

Chukker by chukker Argentina: : (0-1) 2-3, 5-3, 10-4, 12-7, 12-9, 14-9