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9th FIP Polo World Cup 2011
Estancia Grande Polo Club, San Luis, Argentina, October 10 - 21, 2011




Oct 21, 2011
Argentina are world champions after defeating Brazil 12-11 in a close game in the final of the FIP Polo World Cup 2011 being played in San Luis Argentina. 


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Argentina defeated Brazil by an agonizing score of 12-11 after being down in the score most of the party and for moment seemed that Brazil would be all the glory for the cariocas lands, but with a strategic change of Argentine dt that change, Martín Zubía got hand in the team and went to Salvador Jauretche, of only 14 years oldfirst striker and Alfredo Cappella back and the team gave a stunning turnaround

The Brazilian team began stronger and in the first chukker led 3 - 0 with two goals from Peter Zacharias. It was a nightmare for the Argentine team until the third period. Brazil anticipated all throw-ins and took advantage of the mental speed of "Pedrinho", who commanded his team. In the second chukker, the game was still in the same vein, but two Argentine goals in the last minute (one by Jauretche and the other by Llorente), made it 5-4. But in the third Zacharias returned to play at a high level, made two other goals (scoring six in 3 periods) and stretched the advantage for Brazil. End of the first half, Brazil, who drove the process at will. But in the beginning of the fourth, Argentine Martin Zubia made a change and went to Salvador Jauretche, only 14 years old, while Alfredo Cappella wenk to the back and the team gave a stunning turnaround. They scored 2 unanswered goals in the fourth chukker. The 5th chukker was the best for Argentina in the game. Martin Inchauspe and Cappella (the great figure of the game) they changed the entire game.Brazil was unable to counter the positional change of Argentina, which also had a "pablito" Llorente in very good form. In this fifth chukker Argentina was tied at 7-7 for the first time in the game. Then a tremendous goal by Inchauspe and Cappella gave the advantage 9-7 to the national team, which closed the chukker 10-9.

The last chukker was fought fiercely but in the end Argentina prevailed 12-11 to win the World Cup.

Argentina are champions of the world for the fourth time in its history (previously won this event in 1987 in Buenos Aires; in 1992 in Santiago, Chile; and in 1998 in Santa Barbara, United States.) while Brazil had won three titles (1995 in St. Moritz, Switzerland; 2001 in Melbourne, Australia; and 2004 in Chantilly, France).

Alfredo Cappella, Argentina, was chosen as the MVP.


Argentina: Pablo Llorente (h) 4 (3 goals), Alfredo Capella 4 (6 goals, Martín Inchauspe 5 (1), Salvador Jauretche 1 (2). Total: 14.

Brasil: Beto Junqueira 1 (1), Pedro Zacharias 5 (8 goals), Xande Junqueira 4 (2), Joao Novaes 4. Total: 14.

Chukker by chukker Argentina: (0-0) 1-3, 4-5, 4-7, 6-7, 10-9, 12-11.