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" A Series on the stalwarts of Polo in India "

eminiscing, moments of glory, victories celebrated, sorrows drowned at the bar, winners and losers, many a battle fought on a green turf with mallets whirling and the thundering of horses hooves, the last few minutes of a final chukkar, memories, frozen pictures in time, yellowed and frayed at the edges polo portraits of a time when the maharajas ruled, when the 'game of kings' was played by the kings.

by Shivina Kumari

Shivina is an avid Polo fan, and has been involved with the game for many years ... more

olo is a part of India's heritage. From the early days when the Maharajas played, to polo in the Indian Army, to the present day of Polo Pros ...  Shivina introduces you to the players who made a mark on the game.

Keep visiting this page as it is constantly being updated with new players

Present Day Heroes


Legends from the Early Days

Samir Suhag +5. Who would have thought that this soft spoken boy, who was frightened of horses, would someday be India's only 6 goal polo players of recent times.

Dhruvpal Godara +5. One of the rising stars of our first generation of professional polo players, Dhruv Pal Godara,  24 years old, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, smiles and says ...