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Polo Portraits

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Polo Cups and Trophies





Won by: Piramal Enterprises

Antiquity Cup Finals - Marson vs Piramal Enterprises
(Mar 24) Mumbai

The Finals of the Antiquity Cup was played at the Polo Ground in Mumbai on Sat March 24 between Marson and Piramal Enterprises.
The Piramal Enterprises team consisted of Maj Ajay Ahlawat +2, Shamsheer Ali +4, Dhruvpal Godara +5, and Capr Navjit Sandhu +3. Marson was comprised of Shyam Mariwala +2, Samir Suhag +6, Angad Kalaan +4, Cdr. J Siga +1.
Piramal Enterprises had a quick start with Shamsher, Dhruv, and Navjit Sandhu each shoring a goal in the first chukkar. Samir Suhag answered back with one goal for Marson. The second chukkar was a little better for Marson with both Angad and Samir Suhag scoring a goal each, while Dhruvpal scored one for the Piramal team. At this point it was anybodys game. Both teams wanted to win the Antiquity Cup, especially the Marson team who had been beated by the same team in the Oberoi Cup by a last second goal.
However, it was not to be for the Marson team. The game slipped out of their hands in the 3rd and 4th chukkars. Piramal Enterprises scored 4 goals in the last two chukkars while Marson could only score two goals. The top goal scorers for the game were Samir Suhag and Dhruvpal Godara, with each scoring 4 goals for their respective teams.

Piramal Enterprises won the Antiquity Cup with a final score of 8 goals to 5 1/2 for Marson.

Game 2 at Mumbai Mar 21 (61 Cavalry vs Marson)

The 2nd Game of the Antiquity Cup was played at the Polo Ground in Mumbai on March 21 at 5 pm between the 61 Cavalry and the Marson Team. 
Marson (Shyam Mariwala +2, Samir Suhag +6, Angad Kalaan +4, Cdr. J Siga +1) 
61 Cavalry (Col Bhavani Singh +4, Capt Atul Gupta +3, Lt. Col. JS Virk +4, Maj. Manoj Dewan +2).
The 61 Cavalry mounted a great attack in the first 2 chukkars led by Col Bhavini Singh. It seemed like the 61 Cavalry was going to run away with the game. At the end of the 2nd chukkar Cavalry led by 6 goals to 4 for Marson. Bhavini Singh had scored 3 goals while his team members scored one each. All 4 goals scored by Marson in the forst 2 chukkars were by Samir Suhag.
The 3rd chukkar was the turning point of the game. Angad Kalaan played a great 3rd and 4th chukkar scoring 3 goals for team Marson. Shyam Mariwala the sponsor of the team also had a good game, scoring one goal in the 3rd chukkar. At many an occassion Shyam was found taking the ball away from Lt Col Virk of the Cavalry. For the 61 Cav Bhavini, Atul Gupta, virk, and Manoj Dewan combined very well until the middle of the 3rd chukkar. However, at this point Marson took over and in the 3rd and 4th chukkar they scored 6 goals while the 61 Cavalry could only come up with a lone goal by Col Bhavini Singh in the 3rd Chukkar. The top scorer in the game was Samir Suhag (the highest handicapped player in India) with 6 goals.

(14 goal) Game 1 at Mumbai Mar 20 (Piramal vs 61 Cav)
The Antiquity Cup (14 goal) tournament began this evening (Mar 20) at 5:00 pm at the Polo Ground at Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai. The first match of the tournament was played between Piramal Enterprise and the 61 Cavalry team.
This tournament promises to be an exciting tournament just like the Oberoi Cup which concluded last week. The Piramal Enterprises team consisted of Maj Ajay Ahlawat +2, Shamsheer Ali +4, Dhruvpal Godara +5, and Capr Navjit Sandhu +3. All four of these players are members of the Indian Team who travel to Melbourne, Australia this weekend to participate in the World Cup Polo 2001 being held there later this month. The 61 Cavalry was represented by Col Bhavini Singh +4, Capt Atul Gupta +3, Lt Col JS Virk +4, and Maj Manoj Dewan +2. This team too had members of the Indian Team them being JS Virk and Manoj Dewan. Col. Bhavini Singh is the coach of the Indian Team for the World Cup. As one can see the composition of the team set the stage for a great game to be played today to kick off the Antiquity Cup tournament.
The first chukkar started off with a bang with both teams scoring in reply to each other. The fancy stick work of Shamsher Ali was not to be missed. His control over the ball was like a hockey player in the field. Once Shamsher runs away with the ball he rarely misses. Dhruv and Navjit Sandhu kept feeding the ball to Shamsher who made no mistake and scored four goals. Dhruvpal Godara the incredibly intelligent player that he is also scored 4 goals for thr Piramal team. The 61 Cav team was not to be outdone in the initial chukkars. Col. Bhavani Singh with his great game sense and excellent manouvering scored 3 goals, while his stalworth and hard hitting back Pinka (JS Virk) knocked in 2 goals for the team with Capt Atul Gupta scoring the remaining goal. Maj. Manoj Dewan played a good game too. However, by the start of the 4th chukkar the Piramal Enterprises team moved away from the 61 Cav with their superior play. Then again, all four of them are part of the Indian Team.

Piramal Enterprises won the game 9 goals to 6 1/2.