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Polo Portraits

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Gorbandh Cup Final, Jindal /Thunderbolt Vs South Delhi,Ramgarh
by Staff

The Final of the Gorbandh Cup was played on Sunday Sptember 30, 2001 at the Ramgarh polo complex between Jindal Steel / Thunderbolt and South Delhi.

Jindal Steel / Thunderbolt
Ransher Shingh (+1), Shamsheer Ali (+4), Samir Suhag (+5), Raghavraj Singh (+2)
South Delhi
Bala Mallya (+0), Bhawini Singh Kalvi (+2), Phillip Elliot (+5), Manupal Godara (+3)

It was a cloudy and windy afternoon at the Ramgarh field. South Delhi was given 1/2 a goal due to the handicap difference. The Jindal team started the scoring. It was a pleasure to watch the combination of Samir Suhag and Shamsher Ali on the Jindal side, and Manupal Godars and Phillip Elliot on the South Delhi side. Many a times Shamsher ran away with the ball andisplayed his fancy stickwork. Manu was no less. Once he got the ball it was very difficult to catch him. He would run away with the ball and provide the equalizer to Jindal's score with in a couple of minutes. Phillip Eliot also palyed a great game feeding his forwards with the ball and sometimes taking it in himself.

However, the star of the day was Samir Suhag. Once again he had a great game. Hitting powerful accurate shots, making runs with the ball, tremendous nearside shots, all these while being closely marked by Bhawini Kalvi or Phillip. But he was unstoppable.

The came was neck to neck through the first 3 chukkars. As soon as Jindal's scored South Delhi would come back with the equalizer. There was a time, at the end of the 3rd when it looked like South Delhi would win the game. They were leading by 1/2 a goal. However, in the 4th Jindal Steel / Thunderbolt outplayed South Delhi and finally clinched the Gorbandh cup with a final score of 8 - 6.5.

The crowd was at the edge of their seats for most of the game. Credit also needs to be given to the great plays by Raghavraj without whom the Jindal/Thunderbolt team would have lost the game.

Indianpolo.com congratulates Jindal Steel / Thunderbolt for winning the Gorbandh Cup.

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