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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Current Events

Bison Trophy, Game 2, People.com vs. 61 Cav/ACC and S, Sep 13-15
by Raza Shehzad and Staff

The 2nd Game of the Bison Trophy was played at the Bison Polo field in Hyderabad from Thu-Sat September 13-15.

During the 1st thukkar there was a disagreement between garcha and the umpires (Vishal and Kader) and the players walked off the field. That evening the tournament committee decided that the game would continue on Fri. However, due to slippery conditions on Fri the game was postponed to Sat Sep 15.

Ajit Singh and Col Garcha scored 3 and 2 goals respecticely for People.com. For 61 Cav/Armoured Corps YK Singh scored 2 goals and Atul Gupta scored 2 goals. Since 1.5 goals was gicen to 61 Cav/ACC they won the game over People.com

61 Cav/Aromored Corps won the game 6 - 6.5 goals.

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