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Polo Portraits

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Prince of Berar Trophy, Game 4, 61 Cav/ACC vs. Navy, Hyd., Sep 6
by Raza Shehzad and Staff

The 4th Game of the Prince of Berar Trophy was played at the Bison Polo field in Hyderabad on Thu Sep 6, 2001 between 61 Cavalry/Armoured Corps and the Indian Navy.

61 Cav / Armoured Corps
Col YK Singh (+2), Maj Atul Gupta (+3), Dfr Bhawini Singh (+1), Raza Shehzad (-2)
Indian Navy
Lt AP Singh (+1), Cdr APS Samra (+0), Mahmuli (+0), Salim (-2)

The Navy was no match for their opponents. They started with a 2.5 goal handicap. They could only manage 2 goals scored by Cdr Samra in the 2nd and 3rd chukkars. For 61 Cav/ACC&S Col YK Singh scored once in each chukkar, Aul Gupta also scored 4 goals (1 in the 2nd and 3rd and 12 in the 4th). Dfr Bhawini Singh also scored 1 goal in the 3rd.

The winners of the game were 61 Cav/Armoured Corps who routed the Navy with a final score of 9 - 4.5.

Umpires: Ajit Singh and Arvind Chowdhary
Referee: Col Kuldeep Singh Garcha
Timekeeper: Moazzam Ali Hyder
Commentator: S. A Ali Hyder

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