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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Current Events

Khushro Jung Cup, Semi Final 2. NDA-A vs. Armoured Corps, Aug 31
by Raza Shehzad and Staff

The 2nd Semi Final of the Gen Khushro Jung Cup was played at the Bison Polo field in Hyderabad on Aug 30, 2001 between NDA-A and Armoured Corps.

Armoured Corps prevailed over NDA-A with a final score of 7 - 6

In the 1st chukkar the team were tied at 1 goal a piece. In the 2nd Armoured Corps scored another 4 goals against on for NDA with YK Singh leading the attack for Armoured Corps. In the last chukkar NDA fought back and Shehzad Abbas who played a great game tried in vain to beat the opponents. He scored 5 goals for NDA. Col YK SIngh scored 4 goals for Armoured Corps.

The FINALS of the Cup will be played on Sun September 2, 2001 between Monsterindia.com and Armoured Corps (Ahmednagar)

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