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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Current Events

Taj APRC Cup - FINALS, Monsterindia.com vs. APRC 1, Aug 26, 2001
by Raza Shehzad and Staff

The FINALS of the Taj A P Riding Club Cup were played on Sun Aug 26, 2001 at the Bison Polo Grounds in Hyderabad between APRC team 1 and Monsterindia.com.

K S Garcha (+2), Ajit Singh (+2), Arvind Chowdhary (+1), Col YP Singh (-2)

Maj M Dewan(+3), Mr Khader Siddiqui (+1), Saif Attari (+0), Yusuf Azmi (-2)

The finals started with a good. The APRC I team got a half a goal handicap and had ablazing constructed goal from Saif Attari. Manoj Dewan had a great game and Yusuf played like a tiger but it was not enough to stop monsterindia.com from winning the cup. In the 4th APRC I were ahead of their opponents, but goals from Ajit Singh and Arvind Chowdhary sealed the win for monsterindia.com. Col Garcha scored 2 goals, Ajit Singh 3 goals, while Arvind scored 1 goal.

Monsterindia.com lifted the Taj APRC Cup from APRC team 1 with a final score of 6 - 4.5 goals.

The next set of matches begin on Tuesday Aug 28 for the Tak Khushru Jung Cup. First match will be NDA-B vs people.com.

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