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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Current Events

ABN-AMRO Bhopal Pataudi Cup - JPC VS. McDowell Signatures , Nov 13
by APRC and staff

The 2nd game of Round 1 of the ABN-AMRO Bank Bhopal Pataudi Cup was played on Tuesday November 13 between JPC and McDowell Signatures in New Delhi.

Swr Jasmail Singh -2, Mr Shamsheer Ali +4, Mr Uday Kalaan +4, Bk Mr Rajesh Sahgal +2
Mr Varun Sharma +1, Mr Simran Shergill +1, Mr Raghav Raj Singh +2, Bk Mr Manupal Godara +4

The match played between McDowell Signatures and JPC turned out to be one sided affair. JPC scored 2 goals in the first chukker while McDowell scored one goal in the same chukker to take the score 1-2. After that they totally failed to score in the remaining chukkers while JPC scored one goal each in the remaining 3 chukkers to take the final score 5-1. Raghav Raj Singh scored 3 goals, Manupal Godara and Simran Shergill scored one goal each for winners while Uday Kalaan was the only scorer who scored the lone goal for losers.

JPC won the match 5 - 1.

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