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Polo Links
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Indian Polo Clubs / Indian Polo Sites

  • All Manipur Polo Association The All Manipur Polo Association was formed on 22nd December 1955 with a vision of promoting the "SAGOL KANGJEI" popularly known as POLO to the international arena. The Association has a list of eminent personalities including His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales as the Royal Patron and His Excellency Dr S. S. Sidhu, the Governor of Manipur, as the Patron-in-Chief and O.Ibobi Singh, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Manipur as Patron

  • Amateur Riders Club The Amateur Riders' Club, located in the heart of Mumbai, is one of the oldest riding clubs in India. We offer our members basic to advanced instruction in riding, polo, dressage, show jumping, tent pegging.

  • Calcutta Polo club Founded in 1862 POLO is the game of the brave and was played by the kings It is still known to be one of the most dangerous game played by man. The thrill one gets out of this sport can not be put into words.

  • Haryana Polo Club Haryana Polo Club (HPC) is located at Kalaan Farms, Garhi-Harsaru, Gurgaon, India. It is situated on 30 acres of prime land, 5 kms from Gurgaon on the Gurgaon-Pataudi Road, a mere 35 kms from New Delhi Started by the Kalaan family in conjunction with three high-goal playing patrons from Delhi, Karan Thapar, Navin Khanna, and Bala Mallaya in 2001, the Haryana Polo Club was formed to encourage the growth of domestic polo in India and also to provide facilities of an international standard for todays younger generation of professional polo players and sponsors.

  • India Polo India is considered the cradle of modern polo. It is here that this game of kings was rediscovered and nurtured since the medieval times. Babar, the founder of the Mughal dynasty in the 15th century, firmly established its popularity. The period between the decline of the Mughal dynasty and the upsurgence of the British Imperial rule, Polo almost vanished from the mainland India. Fortunately for the world, the game survived in a few remote mountainous enclaves of the subcontinent, notably Gilgit, Chitral, Ladakh and Manipur.

  • Jaipur Polo and Riding Club The Jaipur Polo and Riding Club once again revives the echoes of Jaipur's golden age of equestrian glory. The facility has been set up by Col. Kuldeep Garcha. You could come here to learn and play polo, ride along interesting trails, or simply enjoy a peaceful holiday at the resort.

  • Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute The Maharaja Gaj Singh II has always taken a keen interest in equestrian sport and nurtured an ambition to re-establish Jodhpur as a premier center of equitation and polo.


International Polo Sites

  • Australian Polo About polo in Australia

  • Chukka.com Polo Ponies Online - horses for players of all levels

  • El Pampa Net Polo site from Argentina. Here you can found information of all tournaments.

  • FIP Federation of International Polo

  • Kirtlington Park Polo Club Kirtlington Park polo club, 45 minutes from London, UK. Summer polo, set in the beautiful grounds of Kirtlington House.

  • La Chatta Polo Club Located between Antwerp and Brussels: Polo school - Stabling - Training track - Stick and balling all year round ... You like POLO? Come and try it! Just call us!

  • Limerick Polo Club "Visit The Birthplace of European Polo"...Where polo was played for the first time in Europe in the 1800's

  • Multesportes .:. The Gold Medal Site Site in Portuguese that talks about a lot of Sports. Polo is one of this sports.

  • Park Lane Polo Club UK arena polo club - close to London, England

  • Pilar Polo Polo School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Polo Trips

  • Polo Canada The Canadian Polo Association

  • Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly The Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly is holding its reputation from the quality of its fields, its large Polo School open to all riders who want to try polo and its warm atmosphere. Its already the largest club in France with 300 players in the club tournaments in 2001.

  • Polo Gear Polo Gear designs, manufactures and markets quality polo products worldwide.

  • Polo News One of the Top International Polo Sites

  • Polo Times A Magazine at the Heart of the Game. Polo Times is a leading publication in the sport. Informative and up to date, Polo Times is read by both players and supporters of the game.

  • Polo.org World Wide Web of Polo

  • PoloCenter Everything for and about worldwide polo in one place

  • Poloclub Vienna/Austria most beautiful club in middle of europe in historic park next to 13th century castle

  • poloconnection.com poloconnection.com provides up-to date information on the polo world. High goal through to club chukkas in over 44 countries.

  • PoloLine International PoloLine, the biggest polo site in the world. PoloLine Argentina is part of PoloLine International, a world company dedicated to promote the sport of Polo around the world.This site covers all the Major Polo Tournaments around the world, the latest news from the major teams plus all the info of the Top Players and Patrons.

  • POLONET The greatest polo site on earth. Pictures, interviews, wallpapers, screensavers, updated info and more.

  • Polonet.net One of the most popular Polo websites

  • PoloUniverse PoloUniverse - the first global dedicated polo lifestyle site. Its features include online shopping, horse auction, complete directory of all polo clubs in the world, free downloadable photos, free email service, polo rules and guidelines, tournament calendar, news, and links to other polo and equestrian sites.

  • Poway Arena Polo USPA Member Arena Club in southern California, just north of San Diego. Play Arena Polo all year. Guests always welcome

  • THE CHUKKER COLLECTION Since 1992, The CHUKKER COLLECTION has devoted itself to promoting the players, the teams, the clubs, the associations, the sport of polo. We were the first company to collect and collate complete polo data from clubs and associations around the world and present it all under one cover: in our INTERNATIONAL POLO CALENDAR AND DIRECTORY.

  • USPA PCC USPA Pacific Coast Circuit website

  • USPolo.org United States Polo Association

  • World Cup Polo Melbourne 2001 Official Site of World Cup Polo 2001


Players, Coaches, etc.


Polo Art, Jewellery, Misc. items

  • jenny brooks art On line gallery of international artist Jenny Brooks, polo drawings and paintings

  • Polo Sculpture - Lorne McKean A range of limited edition individually worked bronzes, created by world renowned award winning sculptor Lorne McKean, around the sport of polo. Combining her passion for the spirit of polo, acute observation and the highest level of craftmanship, these collectors pieces are ideal as gifts, trophies or simply as beautiful and enriching works of art.

  • Polo Sculptures THE LAST CHUKKA is the first polo sculpture to come charging onto the market by Andrasia.

  • Polo Team Plaques The unique polo team plaque lets you celebrate your team by combining a full colour photograph (action or team shot) together with club logos, player names, handicaps and any tournament details.

  • Sabrina Siga - Snaffles Fine Art Equine Artist - The website www.snafflesfineart.com has been created to show-case Sabrina's paintings. Her work since, exhibited extensively in the world’s most important art centers of London and New York is admired for its beauty and evocative power, and respected for its disregard of artistic fashion.


Polo Holidays, Travel

  • Estancia el Venado Polo School Polo enthusiasts of all levels enjoy El Venado's facilities, Federico Cendoya provides specially prepared programs for beginners of all ages.

  • Nubaria Polo Farm, Egypt First Private Polo club in Egypt

  • Polo Holidays The founder and only provider of multidestination poloholidays and polo safaris worldwide. Founded by IJ Singh Fellow Royal Geographical Society London.


Tack, Saddles, Sticks, Boots, etc.

  • Delhi Tack Shop Your One Stop shop for horse and rider. We are trying our best to set international standards and raise the quality bar through our high quality yet competitively priced products . As such we offer top brands like FLECK, HERITAGE, OVATION, METLAB, PESSOA and TROXEL. Our leather goods are fast catching up with importers world wide. As such we will soon be exporting to Germany and France. At present we are exporting to Australia, Belgium, Chile, Dubai and North American countries.

  • GALAXICO INTERNATIONALE We manufacture Polo & Saddlery Equipment, Tack and Polo Boots and many more polo merchandise for export. Kindly contact us with your present requirements for our compliance. Best regards. Mohammad A. Rafi

  • Gaucho Clothes Clothing & apparel

  • HAVENS Horsefeed HAVENS Horsefeed from the Netherlands is a leading brand in equine nutrition and horsefeed in Europe with sales in all european countries; from the Netherlands and Germany to France, Spain, Greece or Scandinavia. Now also available in Asia.


  • Las Pampas Polo Las Pampas Polo is a corporate dedicated to Polo Sport enviroment. Its core business is the Polo products sale and delivery all over the world. Everything for the Polo Player, his horses and his lifestile. Entirely formed by professionals and polo devoted players, Las Pampas Polo goal is to became an internacional referant of the polo sport,giving information and services from Argentina to the world.

  • polo balls only site in the world dedicated to sell polo balls around the world

  • Polo Boots Established in 1937, D. Minsen & Co. is famous throughout India for its "Chinese shoes" and their workmanship, comfort and attention to detail. Our international reputation as a top manufacturer of customised polo boots has also been growing since the 90's. The Indian national polo team, the Argentinian polo team and the US Army polo team are a few of our clients who swear by our boots.

  • Polo Helmets The best quality in polo helmets made in Argentina

  • Polo Jeans First jeans breeches of their kind. The favorite of many high goal players, they offer the looks of jeans with the performance of breeches.