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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

Shivina introduces you to the players who made a mark on the game. Click Here ...

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Polo Clinic in Argentina !!!!!!!
by Lic. Martin Telleria

Imagine yourself on vacation... thundering down to the other end of the polo court with five other players... then passing your opponent and driving the ball to score! Combine your passion for horses and equestrian skills with your hand-eye coordination as you learn to play the exciting sport of polo. Every element of polo, from the fundamentals of horsemanship to hitting techniques and game strategy, is expertly introduced in polo facility by the international polo professionals J.L. Salvo. All tack, mallets and horses are provided for you. Our programs: - Become acquainted with horses. Cares and basic Health. - Horseback riding of Polo. - Proper management of saddle. The right swing. - The hit. Its right directions. - Game's techniques. - Polo's rules. - Organisation of practices and competitions. - Evening practice of classes. 4 chukkers 5 days a week with professional Polo players. - Polo's horses. Determine its health when buying one. Polo's lessons and improvement are designed for polo players of all ages, also women, kids and veterans may learn to play polo with T&S Buenos Aires. We appreciate very much your attention, and we will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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