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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Baroda Cup - Round 1 - Jindal Steel VS. Hyundai Sonata, Oct 29
by APRC and Staff

The 1st match of round 1 of the Baroda was played on October 29, 2002 between Jindal Steel and Hyundai Sonata in New Delhi.

1. Capt SK Yadav +0
2. Mr Shamsheer Ali +5
3. Mr Samir Suhag +5
Bk. Mr Naveen Jindal +2

1. Mr Digvijay Singh +1
2. Maj Ajay Ahlawat +3
3. Mr Angad Kalaan +5
Bk. Maj Adhiraj Singh +3

The first match of the day played between Jindal Steel & Power and Hyundai Sonata was an exciting, thrilling and hard fought match. Both teams were 12 goal teams and displayed their superb stick work and good horsemanship. Samir Suhag opened the account for Jindal Steel & Power by scoring a goal in the 1st chukker. Hyundai Sonata was unable to score any goal in the 1st chukker but scored 4 goals in the 2nd chukker through Maj Adhiraj Singh and Mr Angad Kalaan 2 goals each while Samir Suahg added 2 goals for Jindal Steel & Power. In the 3rd chukker Jindal Steel & Power scored 3 goals through Naveen Jindal, Samir Suahg and Shamsheer Ali one goal each, while Maj Ajay Ahlawat and Digvijay Singh scored one goal each for Hyundai Sonata. The score was 6 all at the end of 3rd chukker. Both teams were played hard during 4th chukker but was goalless. Samir Suhag scored a winning goal for Jindal Steel & Power in the sudden death 5th chukker.

Jindal Steel and Power won the match 7 - 6.

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