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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Current Events

RMRM Gold Vase - Semi Final - Sahgal Stud VS. 61 Cav B, Oct 25
by APRC and Staff

The 2nd semi final of the RMRM Gold vase was played on October 25, 2002 between Sahgal Stud and 61 Cav B in New Delhi.

1. Mr Raza Shehazad -2
2. Mr Basheer Ali +4
3. Mr Oliver Taylor +5
Bk. Mr Rajesh Sahgal +2

1. Capt GS Pandher +2
2. Lt Ravi Rathore +2
3. Maj AS Randhawa +2
Bk. Maj Manoj Dewan +3

The second semi final played between 61 Cavalry B and Sahgal Sutd was a very keenly, closely and hard fought match played at a fast pace. The Sahgal Stud had a +5 goal foreign player Oliver Taylor in their team mounted on thorough bred horses whereas 61 Cavalry B comprises of all young Indian Army players mounted on Army Horses. The Cavalry team performed creditably inspite of being the underdogs and played like tigers and took the fight to the opposition camp. The 61 Cavalry team was very ably lead by Maj Manoj Dewan +3 goal player presently posted at HQ’s Western Command. Sahgal Stud opened their account by scored a goal in the opening chukker but 61 Cavalry B scored two goals. The 2nd chukker totally in favour of Sahgal Stud in which the scored they scored 2 goals while 61 Cavalry B inspite of their best efforts could not score. IN the 3rd chukker 61 Cavalry B scored 3 goals while Sahgal Stud scored 2 goals. The score was 5 all at the end of 3rd chukker. The last chukker was very fast in which both teams came on their best horses. Sahgal Stud scored one goal in the beginning of the chukker which was equalized by the 61 Cavalry B by a brilliant 60 yard penalty hit taken by Maj Manoj Dewan. When 25 second were left Raza Shehazad scored a winning for the Sahgal Stud. Scorer for Sahgal Stud Oliver Taylor (4), Rajesh Sahgal, Basheer Ali and Raza Shehazad scored one goal each. Maj Manoj Dewan, Lt Ravi Rathore scored two goals and Maj AS Randhawa and Capt GS Pandher scored one goal for 61 Cavalry B.

Sahgal Stud won the match 7 - 6.

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