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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Bhopal Pataudi Cup- Round 2 -Jindal Steel VS Taragarh, Oct 16
by APRC and Staff

The first game of round 2 of the Bhopal Pataudi Cup was played on Oct 16, 2002 between Jindal Steel and Taragarh.

1. Mr Deepak Udar -2
2. Mr Simran Shergill +2
3. Mr Samir Suhag +5
Bk. Mr Aman Suhag +3

1. Mr Amit Sangawan -2
2. Mr Manavendra Singh +1
3. Mr Dhruvpal Godara +6
Bk. Yuvraj Vikramaditya Singh +2

The opening match of the ABN-AMRO Bank Bhopal Pataudi Cup 8 Goal polo tournament played between Jindal Steel & Power and Taragarh was a fantastic match. Both the teams combined well. Taragarh started with ½ goal on handicap but they were unable to score any goal in the 1st chukker while Jindal Steel & Power scored 4 goals through Samir Suhag 2 goals, Simran Shergill and Aman Suhag one goal each. In the 2nd chukker Dhruvpal Godara and Manvendra Singh scored one goal each for Taragarh while Simran Shergill scored one goal for Jindal Steel & Power. In the 3rd chukker Dhruvpal Godara scored two goals for Taragarh while Simran Shegill scored one goal for Jindal Steel & Power. The score saw at the end of 3rd chukker 6 - 4 ½ in favour of Jindal. The last chukker was very fast and close chukker in which Taragarh came forward and scored two goals in the partnership of Dhruvpal Godara and Manvendra Singh to take the lead for the first time in the match by 6 ½ to 6 but in the last dying minutes Samir Suhag got a 40 yard penalty and scored a winning goal to take Jindal Steel & Power in the Qtr finals.

Jindal Steel won the match 7 - 6 1/2.

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