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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

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Indian Navy Polo Stick - NDA VS. Indian Navy, Mar 9
by Staff

The Final of the Indian Navy Polo Stick was played on Saturday March 9 at Malaxmi Race Course polo field between the Indian Navy and the National Defense Academy (NDA).

Lt A P Singh +1
Cdr RS YAdav +0
Cdr APS Samra +0
Lt Akhil Sirhoi +2

Dfr Bhawani Singh +1
Lt AS Sangha +1
Capt Tarun Sirohi +4
Lt Col S Garg +0

Underdogs Navy started with a 2 goal advantage due to the handicap difference. Navy started off with a bang. In the 1st chukkar AP Singh scored 1 goal and Akhil scored another 2 goals for the Navy, to lead the game 5 - 0. In the 2nd chukkar NDA started recovering with Tarun Sirohi scoring 2 goals while Akhil scored a goal for the Navy to make it 6 -2 at the end of the second. In the 3rd chukkar Navy continued to maintain their lead. Col Garg scored one for the NDA while Akhil scored again for the Navy. At the end of the 3rd it was 7 - 3.

The Navy team was combining very well, led by Akhil Sirohi with strong support from AP Singh, Cdr Samra, and Cdr Yadav. NDA seemed to wake up in the 4th chukkar. Tarun Sirohi scored 2 goals while Dfr Bhawani scored 1 goal to bring NDA within 1 goal of the NAvy (7-6). However, Akhil and AP Singh spoilt the strong comeback by NDA by scoring 2 goals in second half of the 4th chukkar.

Navy won the match 9 - 6.

INDIANPOLO.COM congratulates the Indian Navy for their success.

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