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Rajasthan Polo Club controversy reaches district court

Source: The Times of India
May 13, 2009

JAIPUR: The controversy going on in Rajasthan Polo Club (RPC) has landed in the district court and a club member, Pankaj Madhok, has filed a writ to stop the AGM convened by working president and UDH secretary on May 14. The hearing of the matter will be held on Wednesday.

Madhok argued that the UDH secretary and the working president of the RPC had no constitutional right to convene the AGM. The president of the RPC, secretary, UDH secretary and working president, JDA commissioner and secretary of RPC polo ground have been made party by Madhok. He requested the court to stop the AGM that was slated for May 14 and also to ensure that the AGM convened by president Maharaja Bhawani Singh on May 13 is held without any interference.

Secretary of the RPC, Digvijay Singh said that it was a case filed by an individual member and the club has nothing to do with it. He said, "We are going ahead with our AGM slated for May 13 which was called by our president Bhawani Singh ji under section 19 (b) of our constitution."

When asked whether the registrar of co-operative societies and other competent authorities have been informed to send observers, he replied that the club used to have elections on its own. "There has been no practice to have observers from registrar or some other sports body for club elections. I am not sure whether they have been informed," he said.

On the other hand, the UDH secretary and working president of the club G S Sandhu has written to the club to abstain from making new members. Reportedly the club has made about 54 new members and their cheques amounting to Rs 28 lakh approximately have been tendered in the bank. The UDH secretary has also written to the bank to not to entertain these cheques and reportedly the accounts have been frozen.

But the secretary of the RPC has emphasized that the new members would be allowed to participate in the AGM on May 13. "We have deducted money from their accounts as membership fee, so they too are our members and would be allowed to participate in the AGM." said Digvijay Singh.

The registrar of co-operative societies also had summoned the RPC authorities to check the records. The rival group alleged that the RPC, on one hand, says that the records were taken away by former secretary Vikram Rathore and on the other hand, comes out with only favourable documents.

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