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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

Shivina introduces you to the players who made a mark on the game. Click Here ...

Hoof Talk

Here are a mix of articles from our viewers and others in the Polo fraternity in India and around the World.  To contribute articles, stories, jokes please send them to info@indianpolo.comPlease includes your name, e-mail address, other contact details and source of article.

Polo ponies were given incorrectly made supplement
April 23, 2009 Source: Associated Press

21 prized polo ponies worth an estimated $2 million die at Palm Beach over the weekend
April 21, 2009 Source: Associated Press

HRH Prince Charles honours Indian Patron in Red Lions - 15 Goal Cup win
Source: European Asian Voice

After almost half a century after the days of the Raj, an Indian team win again at Polo at Cirencester Park
Source: Asian News

Indo/US Army Exchange Polo Match in Great Meadows, Virginia, USA
by Shivina Kumari

Communications with The "FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL DE POLO"  (Humour)
by Revathy Siga

World Polo at Werribee, Australia  (WorldCup Polo 2001)
by Chris Ashton from Sydney

Polo - Game of Kings
by Unknown
If Wishes were Horses I would be King
by Uday More
POLO - Words to Remember
by Uday More