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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

Shivina introduces you to the players who made a mark on the game. Click Here ...


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Details are as provided by the individual.
Indianpolo.com does not verify  any of the details.

Player 1: 

Alejandro Viel Temperley (+4)
22 years
I play in The Jockey Club and Trebol Polo Club. I played most of the low and medium goal tournaments of the Argentine season as the Metropolitano bajo, Metro Mediano, Copa Presidente, Republica. Last year I participated in the Argentine Open for young players. In the Jockey Club I usually play with high goal players as the Zavaleta (7 goals), S.Donovan (7), Juan Lagos (7) etc. My family owns a farm near Buenos Aires were with my brother (5 of Handicap) we train horses for our own use and for sale. For example, we trained and sold horses that participated in the Argentine Open to Pepe Heguy. This year I played in Argentina and in Jamaica as a pro for a patron I have there. During August, an Argentine TV channel hired me to play a polo tournament in the snow. I will play with 5, 6 and 7 handicap players. I have no problem being hired for short terms or just a tournament. Everything can be arranged. My fees depend on things as the level of the tournaments, number of games etc; so its difficult for the meanwhile to just give an exact fee per game. 

If you need more info about me you can write me to: alejandroviel@hotmail.com or call me in Argentina to tel.: 5411-4-783-5674 If you need references about me, you can write to the following persons for whom I played and gave classes to:
Mr. Stephen Alexander: salexander@infotrek.com
Mrs. Charlene Easton: ceaston2000@yahoo.com

Player 2: 

Alberto Zubiaurre  (+4)
18 years
I'm an argentinian polo player. I play most of the year in Argentina , but I would like to go and play polo in India during july, december, january and february, that I'm not playing polo here. Well I hope you can give me information of anyone who needs a four goal player, to go and play there, thank you very much. 

Address: Castex 3545, Buenos Aires - 1425, Argentina.  Phone: 154 0261686
FAX: 4801-7430 

Player 3: 

Juan José Basualdo (+3)
21 years
I have a basic knowledge of English. The purpose of the present letter is to know if you need any person to play polo tournaments and / or "training".

Brief description of polo experience: I play in the Jockey Club in Buenos Aires. I have three goals of handicap and I have experience playing low and medium goal tournaments. I played the 16-22 tournaments with well-known players as Eduardo Novillo Astrada, Martin and Francisco de Narvaez, Gonzalo Pieres (J), Salvador Socas, etc. I played several times the Metropolitano Mediano and bajo, reaching in some occasions the final matches at Palermo. Also, I played games a lot of times with high goal player as Marcos, Bautista, Eduardo, Pepe Heguy, Miguel & javier Novillo Astrada, Hector Gerrero, Milo Fernandez Araujo, Alejandro Agote, Agustin Merlos, Jose Rivas, Alejandro Diaz Alberdi, Alfredo Viel, etc.

Thanks in advance for your kind attention and I look forward to your answer and to meet you in the future.

Player/Coach 4: 

Jaime de Lopo
Age: 18 years
Going further I would be very interested on travel with my family to India for longterms. On relation to it I would appreciate from you if you could inform me of any polo club interested on my services as a coach and player. I am now 43 years old and received military education.

Player 5: 

Peter Lusardi (+3)
Hello, I am a 3 goal Argentine polo player. I am looking for a job as player, or player/groom, anything you can offer me I'll appreciate. In Argentina I play all the medium handicap tournaments playing with players as Lucas Criado, Augustin Merlos, Lucas Monteverde, Salvador Socas, and others high goal players.
I hope we can do something together.

Player 6: 

Raúl Pastorini (0)
Phone/Fax: (0054)1148112501
Age: 24 years
Raúl Pastorini (jr.), I´m 24 and I´m from Argentina. I used to be a professional polo player since 1996 till 1999, all over Europe (mostly in England, but also in Belgium, Holland, Spain and Chile). I started riding when I was 6 years old, and playing when I was 8, at my family´s farm, near the city. My actual handicap is 0, according to the Argentine Polo Association, but a lot of people says it should be at least 3. 

At the moment I´m studying the Marketing carreer at a private university in Buenos Aires city, where I live and was born, and also where I´m playing at the moment. 

If you are interested in somebody like me, to play for your team and to school young horses, please get back to me via e-mail, phone call or via fax, and I will send you more info about me, and maybe we can work something out.

Player 7: 

Karan Tejpal Sharma
Age: 17 years
I am a 17 year old polo player currently in 12th class studying at Mayo College Ajmer. I have been playing polo for the last two years and have played the Delhi season and also for my school at a no. of occasions. I am interested in further honing my skills after the board exam and as I am free from April to September till the season in India begins again, would like to try an apprenticeship under a polo player. If there are any opportunities that are available abroad I would be grateful if you could help me. 
Thanking You

Player 8: 

Javier Perea Astrada (4)
Hello, My name is Javier Perea Astrada. I am a 4 goal Argentine Polo Player and looking for a job. I am interested in receiving information about opportunities to work abroad.

Player 9: 

Manuel Guevara (0)
Age: 21 years
Hello, I am Manuel Guevara from Argentina, I play polo since I am 9 , And I am looking for playing same polo, I am 21 years old, my handicap is 0, but I have played just frames tournaments.