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Polo Portraits

Polo Portraits

Shivina introduces you to the players who made a mark on the game. Click Here ...


To List in the Classified section please contact us at info@indianpolo.com.
Please includes your name, e-mail address, other contact details.



Polo Players

Polo Players
Alejandro Viel Temperley (+4)
Alberto Zubiaurre  (+4)
Juan José Basualdo (+3)
Jaime de Lopo (coach & player)
Peter Lusardi (+3)
Raúl Pastorini (0)
Karan Tejpal Sharma
Javier Perea Astrada (4)
Manuel Guevara (0)
Indian Polo patrons outside India and Coutts sponsored 'Red Lions' polo team based out of Cheshire Polo Club in England would be honoured to have young Indian 2-4 Goal Players...
Qualified farrier - Stuart Bain


Stuart Bain is a registered farrier from UK and has experience of many different types of shoeing techniques as well as... Polo Ponies From Australia
Recently formed company in Australia that is specifically breeding and training horses for polo, and also source and supply horses to suit most player levels ...
Earl Ola (General Manager)  
Resume of Earl Ola seeking a General Managers Position for a Racing/Breeding Operation in India...